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Lifestyle in Katihar

The lifestyle of Katihar, an emerging city in the northern part of the state of Bihar, has evolved since ages. After being ruled by the various dynasties including The Magadhas, The Mauryas, King Ajatshatru, King Ashoka, The Palas, The Guptas, The Mughals, The British, there has been drastic changes in the culture and ethnicity of this particular region which has shaped the lifestyle of the people living here. At present, we can say that the lifestyle of the city of Katihar is a mixture of both the ancient times and the modern times.

Lifestyle in Katihar

Despite the emerging modernization in Katihar, the residents of the city still believe in customs and culture. The people here are quite orthodox and have faith in their own respective Gods. These days, there are natives and migrants from all over the country who have settled down at this place. The lifestyle of this city is quite simple. People from different culture and diversities reside together in this region and work for the economic progress of the city. Apart from being amongst the major tourist attraction in the northern part of the state of Bihar, the city is also known for its rich cultural values, practices and traditions followed by the people.

Traditional Lifestyle in Katihar

The city of Katihar is mostly known for its traditional culture. Although after the Independence of the country and due to the influence of western culture, the city has become slightly modern with some sort of changes in the lifestyle. A long while ago, the men here used to wear dhoti while the women wore sarees but due to the changes in the lifestyle and its effect on the apparels of the residents, the men have started wearing trousers and pants while the women adorn themselves with salwaar kameez and fancy sarees. The women also wear traditional sarees and ghagra cholis along with matching accessories during important occasions or festivals. Even the style of draping the sarees has changed along with the changes in the lifestyle of the people. The younger girls in the city mostly are seen in salwaar kameez, churidars or kutas. The youth in the city is seen experimenting with the branded and modern fashion wear. Even the markets in the city have altered themselves according to the changing lifestyle of the residents of the city. There are also various kinds of accessories sold in the city which are purchase both by the residents of the city as well as the tourists who visit here.

Influence of Western Culture

Western lifestyle in KatiharModernization and westernization has had a great impact on the culture, customs and traditions of the city of Katihar which has evolved significantly. But unlike most of the cities, Katihar has retained most of the age old customs and traditions. Along with the changes times, there has been a drastic change in terms of the food, clothing and culture in the city. For example the food habits of the residents are gradually leaning towards the western food including fast food, junk food, etc. from the old traditional food. There are more and more fast food joints opening up in the city in the present days. Also the clothing and the apparels in the city have evolved due to the influence of the western culture. Instead of traditional and age old clothes and apparels the cloth retailers in the city have started selling branded, western clothes which is more in sync with the present lifestyle of the residents of the city.

Beauty Parlours in Katihar

Apart from the food and clothing, the city has evolved in terms of various other things. There are quite a few beauty salons, gyms and spas that have opened up in the recent years in the city. Thus the city of Katihar has emerged with all the modern facilities in the present days.

Parlour Fair and Care
Address: Girl's School Rd, Mangal Bazar, Gami Tola, Katihar, Bihar 854105
Phone:06452 245 059

Jyoti Ladies Beauty Parlor
Address: Vasant Talkies St, Mangal Bazar, Katihar, Bihar 854105
Phone:094312 68916
Sajni Shrangaar He Shrangaar
MAA Kali Complex, Near Delux, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105

Cosmetic Stores in Katihar

Due to the influence of the western culture, the cosmetic industry seems to be a boom in this city. There are several cosmetic shops located throughout this city. Below is a list of the cosmetic shops in the city of Katihar.Katihar being a fast developing city is evolving in all terms including the latest fashion and trends. The residents here, especially the women like to dress up and are also inclined towards branded beauty products and cosmetic items. All the latest cosmetic goods including the various international brands are available in Katihar.

Address: Parvejganj, Bihar, Sardar Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9097050243

Mittra General Stores
Address: Parvejganj, Bihar, Sardar Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9504538911

Jully Shingar & Gift House
Address: Falka, Thakur Bari Mandir Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-8873454510

Nancy Stores
Address: Mangal Bazar, Katihar, Katihar Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9905086733

Ruchi Shringar & Gift Corner
Address: Gerawari Hat, Churi Patti, Korha, Katihar - 854108
Phone: (91)-9931762236, 9973029377

Manavi Stores
Address: Gerabari Bazar, Katihar, Hihar, Main Road, Korha, Katihar - 854108
Phone: (91)-7631753009

Ankit Stores
Address: Gerabari Bazar, Katihar, Hihar, Main Road, Korha, Katihar - 854108
Phone: (91)-9934691219

Rupesh Shringar Store
Address: Opp Trysun Bhawan, Deepak Singh Market, Pothia, Katihar - 854114
Phone: (91)-8538962843

Rimjhim Suhag Store
Address: Prithvi Chowk, Near Main Road High School, Salmari, Katihar - 855113
Phone: (91)-9709659403, 9931089036

Fashion Mela
Address: College Road, Salmari, Katihar - 855113
Phone: (91)-9006019620

Entertainment in Katihar

Even though with the influence of western culture and the increased westernization and modernization, the people in Katihar, are quite orthodox in their practices and beliefs. Hence they do not enjoy going to many parties and pubs which is gradually changing these days. Due to this, there are very few or no active nightlife activities in this place. But the residents do know to have fun and enjoy. They do have other forms of entertainment including folk songs and folk dances which are prominent during various occasions and festivals in the city. Read More.....

Prakash Talkies
Address: New Market Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: +(91)-9431260171

Vasant Talkies
Address: Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: +(91)-9471011001 / +(91)-6452-242315

Shyama Talkies
Address: Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: +(91)-9905041796

Apart from these, the people in Katihar also enjoy going to theaters or cinema halls to watch movies. Some of the prominent theatres in the city include Prakash Talkies, Vasant Talkies and Shyama Talkies. Different Hindu and Bhojpuri movies are played in these theatres which are watched by the movie-buffs in the city. The youth in the city hangout in the various food joints and shopping complexes spread across the city. The residents of the city also spend some quality time with their families and friends by hanging out in the restaurants. Thus, the different sources of entertainment here, makes the city of Katihar even more active and lively then it already is.

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