Administration in Katihar

Katihar is one of the prominent cities in the north eastern part of the state of Bihar. It is as an administrative headquarters of the Katihar district in Bihar. District of Katihar constitutes of 10 Blocks which includes Katihar, Korha, Sameli, Falka, Barari, Pranpur, Kursela, Hasanganj, Dandkhora and Mansahi. The town of Katihar covers an area of 25.5 sq. km and is divided into 45 wards. In the year 1973, Katihar District came into existence when it was split from Purnia Division. Previously, Katihar district was a part of Bengal; however, it became a part of Bihar after the partition of Bengal. The present M.P of Katihar is Tariq Anwar and the present M.L.A of Katihar is Tarkishor Prasad.

General Administration of Katihar

Administration of KatiharThe collector of Katihar looks after the general administration in the city and is also responsible for the smooth functioning of the city. He has various subordinates assisting him in the due course of actions, ensuring that the overall development of the city. Some of the main functions of the collector in Katihar includes looking after the maintenance of law and order, disaster and crisis management, collection of income tax, land revenue and loans. Land acquisition and land assessment also comes under his functional ambit. {For administrative updates click here}

District Magistrate, Katihar
Contact No.: 06452-230581(O) / 06452-230583(R)
Fax: 06452-230880
Mobile: 9473191375
Email: [email protected]

Additional District Magistrate General
Contact No.: 06452-239635(O)
Mobile: 9473191376
Email: [email protected]

Additional District Magistrate Celling
Mobile: 9931047970
Email: [email protected]

Additional District Magistrate Relief
Mobile: 9430620347
Email: [email protected]

DDC, Katihar
Contact No.: 06452-231657(O)
Mobile: 9431818382/9431238345
Email: [email protected]

Katihar Municipal Corporation

The Katihar Municipal Corporation looks after the basic amenities and the proper functioning in the city. All the public representatives in the Municipal Corporation look after the needs and betterment of the residents of the city. Hence, many changes have been introduced in the corporation from the past, which has led to some amazing works done in the city that ultimately makes in worth living. The Chairman, The Municipal Commissioner and the Mayor are together involved in the betterment of the masses in the city along with the progression in the welfare of the city.

Main Functions of Katihar Municipal Corporation
  • Looking after the health, public convenience and the sanitation needed by the residents
  • Providing sufficient electricity and water throughout the city
  • Improving slum areas and maintaining proper hygiene in the city
  • Opening up more schools, colleges, dispensaries and maternity wards
  • Solve civic problems and provide better civic amenities
  • Keeping the city neat and clean

Deputy Mayor, Katihar Municipal Corporation
Pushpa Devi

Police Department in Katihar

The Police in Katihar maintain the law and order in the city. Since, the city has become a major tourist hub in the recent years because of the various religious destinations, it is important for the police to address the problems and grievances of the residents of the city as well as tourists visiting here in an organized manner. The Superintendent of Police coordinates with his juniors and looks after the law and order while dealing with any kind of situation in the city. The main function of the police in Katihar is to keep vigil on any kind of suspicious activities causing threat to the public in general which ultimately keeps the city safe from any crime of serious nature.

Superintendent Of Police (SP)
Contact No.: 06452-230601(O)
Fax: 06452-230602
Mobile: 9431800001
Email: [email protected]

Police Line, Katihar
Phone:- 6452-222676, 222677

Public Representatives in Katihar

The Katihar Lok Sabha constituency is one amongst the 40 Lok Sabha parliamentary or constituencies in the state of Bihar, in the eastern part of India. This particular constituency consists of six Vidhan Sabha or legislative assembly segments including Katihar, Kadwa, Balrampur, Pranpur, Manihari and Barari. The MP of the constituency is Mr.Shah Tariq Anwar from the National Congress Party who looks after the entire constituency. The constituency of Katihar covers almost the entire district of Katihar in the state of Bihar.

Member of Parliament (MP) in Katihar
Shah Tariq Anwar
Party: National Congress Party
Address: R/o G-21, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi – 110013
Contact: 23384374 & 23384392
Email Address: [email protected] & [email protected]

Member of Legislative Assembly in Katihar
Tarkishor Prasad, Katihar

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