Cuisines of Katihar

The cuisine of Katihar is undergoing immense changes during the recent years. The various dishes in the city have evolved with the influence of western culture and the taste is very much likeable by both the tourists who visit here as well as the residents of the city. There are a number of food joints or food outlets in the city that cater to the taste buds of the tourists and the residents in Katihar. Even the western dishes have gradually started dominating the other dishes; the traditional dishes in the city still have their own value and taste. In fact they are the most favored one among the tourists who visit here.

Traditional Cuisines of Katihar

Traditional Cuisines of Katihar

One of the most common dishes prepared in every household is Khichdi which is a mixture of rice with lentils that cooked along with spices and is served with different accompanying items. Khadi is another popular dish prepared in this region which is basically soft fried dumplings that are made of gram flour and cooked in spicy gravy of yogurt. This particular dish is often served with plain rice. The staple food in Katihar is rice and it is the main course of food. The other staple food of Katihar includes bhat (rice), roti, dal, tarkari and achar that are prepared from rice, wheat flour, lentils, pickle and vegetables. The traditional cooking medium used here is mustard oil. Also a local favorite called 'jhal moori' is also popular among the tourists who visit here. The non vegetarians in Katihar consume different varieties of kebabs and mutton and also many other dishes made of various birds, fowls, etc. Thus, the unique flavor of these non vegetarian dishes makes this city even more exquisite.

Fast Food in Katihar

In any particular city, the younger generations these days are more addicted to fast food items rather than traditional old cuisines. The youth in the city of Katihar are also no exception in this case. For this purpose, there are quite a few fast food joints located in the city where people can enjoy junk food. These places are also a favorite hangout for the youth and they have a great time with their family and friends. The Sahi Biriyani fast food restaurant is one the most popular fast food joint in Katihar. Here various kinds of biriyanis are available within minutes which leave the customers mesmerizing. Apart from these there are all kinds of Chinese food and other fast food items available at various places in the city even though the Chinese fast food restaurants are most popular here. The main food item available in the various fast food joints in Katihar includes litti-chokha, samosa, kachori, samosa chaat, etc.

Sweets of Katihar

Sweets of KatiharApart from the various delicious snacks, street food and other dishes, Katihar is also famous for some mouth watering sweet dishes. Some of the famous the sweet dishes found in this region includes Kala Jamun, Motichoor ka ladoo, Murki and Parwal ki Mithai. Most of the sweet dishes found in this region are not much filled with sugar syrups which make them pretty much dry and gives that unique delicious taste. But this does not mean that Katihar does not have wet sweet dishes. One of the popular sweet dish is 'khaja' which is basically a deep fried pastry dipped in sugar syrup. It is dry and crisp which is more than enough to satisfy the craving of any sweet tooth person. These exquisite and mouth watering sweets shows the undeniable flavors of Bihar which is hard to resist. The tourists enjoy such delicacies whilst their tour around the city and thus the trip becomes a memorable one. Get a packed sweet item from famous sweets shop for your near and dear ones whenever leaving this city to remember the sweetness of Katihar.

Ghosh Sweets
Address: Mangal Bazar, Katihar, Katihar Road, Katihar Court, Katihar - 854109
Contact No.: +(91)-9472023212

Bhola Mithan Bhandar
Address: Mirchai Badi Katihar, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9430062877

Shanti Sweets
Address: Beniatala Chowk, Katihar, M G Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9431205958

Shah Sweets
Address: Gerabari Bazar, Katihar, Hihar, Main Road, Korha, Katihar - 854108
Contact No.: +(91)-9470783397

Restaurants in Katihar

The traditional cuisines of Bihar as well as the fast food available in the city of Katihar are truly delicious and are definitely amongst the things that the tourists enjoy the most. In order to taste these delicacies, there are many restaurants and food joints that have opened up in this beautiful city. Some of the popular food joints and restaurants in Katihar include Khana Khazana, Rajhans Restaurant, Paradise Kitchen, Hotel Shanti Suman, Apka Apna Hotel, Dali Hotel, Rupesh Hotel and many more. There are all kinds of cuisines available at some of these restaurants apart from the Bihari Cuisines which include Chinese cuisines, south Indian cuisines, etc. These food joints and restaurants are a perfect place for enjoying a delicious meal along with friends and family in a peaceful environment. Read More.....

Khana Khazana
Address: Girls School Road Katihar, Girl School Road, Katihar Ho, Opp Ocena Hotel, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9431472448, 9835458412 / +(91)-6452-232289

Paradise Kitchen
Address: Binodpur, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9199552345, 8757122297, 9798682713 / +(91)-6452-245355

Rajhans Restaurant
Address: Rajendra Prasad Road, Amla Tola, Katihar Ho, Near LIC Building, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9334720323

Hotel Shanti Suman
Address: Gorabari Bazar, Katihar, Bihar, Main Road, Korha, Katihar - 854108
Contact No.: +(91)-8051887770

Apka Apna Hotel
Address: Phalka, Katihar, Main Road, Pothia, Katihar - 854114
Contact No.: +(91)-9934741976

Dali Hotel
Address: Phalka, Katihar, Main Road, Pothia, Katihar - 854114
Contact No.: +(91)-9934703668

Rupesh Hotel
Address: Phalka, Katihar, Main Road, Pothia, Katihar - 854114
Contact No.: +(91)-9931397092

Most of the mouth watering street food available in the city of Katihar includes different varieties of snacks and other delicacies. Apart from the various street food outlets, there are also many mobile food carts available along the roadside. Some of the popular street food items available in this region include chaat, bhelpuri, dosas, khachori, etc. The street vendors mostly open their outlets next to shopping centers or in the shopping areas so that the tourists who get tired of extensive shopping can come and enjoy their lovely food.

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