Entertainment and Nightlife in Katihar

Katihar is amongst the most prominent cities in the state of Bihar. This emerging city is also famous for its tourist spots including the various religious destinations to which people from far and wide come to visit. As more tourists visit this particular city year after year, they ultimately contribute towards the change in lifestyle and culture of the city. The influence of modern culture is visible in Katihar where there are many sources for entertainment and enjoyment of nightlife. These days, people have started moving out of their houses even during the night along with family and friends to have a night-out. There are also many family gatherings, parties, get together, etc. being conducted during late night hours. For this purpose, many restaurants, pubs and movie halls have opened up in the city which caters to the demand of entertainment.

Cinema Halls in Katihar

Entertainment in Katihar

Films are the most popular source of entertainment. In today's hectic schedule, the best way to unwind is by going out for movies along with family and friends. There are a number of options for watching movies in Katihar. This particular city is evolving as a place with night out options and the cinema halls are one among them. Compared to the olden days, there are wide movie audience and cinema facilities available in the city. The city has more single screen theatres as compared to multiplex theatres. However, multiplexes too are opening up with full fledged facilities and amends.

Prakash Talkies
Address: New Market Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9431260171

Vasant Talkies
Address: Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9471011001 / +(91)-6452-242315

Shyama Talkies
Address: Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9905041796

Nightlife in Katihar

The nightlife in Katihar is slowly evolving with quite a few recreational places like pubs, discotheques, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. which have opened during the recent years. Even though at present, there are not many discotheques in the city, number is gradually increasing in order to meet the demand of the residents of the city. Due to the continuous progression of the city in terms of entertainment, there a number of new restaurants and food chains that has opened up in the city. If one has to go on a vacation to Katihar, they should never miss a chance to visit reputed restaurants, namely Khana Khazana, Rajhans Restaurant, Paradise kitchen, etc. There is a wide range delicacies offered at these restaurants, including the different kind of Bihari cuisines. Apart from the Bihari cuisines, the restaurants also serve different variety of other famous cuisines, like south Indian cuisines, Rajasthani cuisines, etc. Each restaurant has its signature dish or delicacy which holds their reputation.

Khana Khazana
Address: Girls School Road Katihar, Girl School Road, Katihar Ho, Opp Ocena Hotel, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9431472448, 9835458412 / +(91)-6452-232289

Paradise Kitchen
Address: Binodpur, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9199552345, 8757122297, 9798682713 / +(91)-6452-245355

Rajhans Restaurant
Address: Rajendra Prasad Road, Amla Tola, Katihar Ho, Near LIC Building, Katihar - 854105
Contact No.: +(91)-9334720323

Along with the change in lifestyle of the people of Katihar, new pubs have opened catering to the demands of local party goers in the city. Earlier there were not many recreational places in Katihar, but along the years there is abundant in the lifestyle and nightlife of the people in Katihar.

Shopping Avenues in Katihar

There are not many shopping malls at present in the city of Katihar. But there are two shopping complexes or malls called the Nawaz PUC and Saha Katra which are quite famous among the tourists as well as the residents in Katihar. Apart from the malls, there are small shopping complexes and shopping zones which entertain the tourists when it comes to shopping in Katihar. At these shopping zones one can find all the necessary items needed by the residents of the city. There are thousands of tourists who visit these shopping malls to do some extensive shopping. There shopping zones have also become a favorite hangout for the youth in the city. People can also shop for apparels and jewelleries at the shops here. After a long day of shopping the tourists or the residents can have something to munch on from the nearby food courts or outlets.

Parks and Gardens in Katihar

A small visit to any park or garden can unwind any hectic schedule within minutes after a busy day. The parks and gardens in any city offer a scenic beauty to the environment. There are quite a few parks and gardens situated in Katihar. These parks are full beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs. Some of the famous parts and gardens in the city are often occupied by people of all age groups during the morning and evening hours. The well maintained gardens in the city definitely catch the eye of the tourists.

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