Healthcare Services in Katihar

Katihar is one of the mainly well-known industrial cities of Bihar state and is situated in eastern part of India. It is famous for its quick growth and urbanization across Bihar. Well, health is a vital thing of our life that cannot be ignored at any cost. Thus, it is essential to offer proper health care services for everybody and Katihar is fine at this work. In addition, state government has also launch some special programs to get care of the people and develop health grade of this region.

Healthcare in Katihar

A number of health facilities are provided to the residents of the city of Katihar in order to improve the living status of the residents. Such health care facilities help in any kind of emergency situation faced by the residents or those visiting the city. There are a number of hospitals, clinics, medical stores and dispensaries in Katihar which are useful in any kind of emergency situations. Such facilities help in the overall health administration in the city.

Hospitals in Katihar

In order to meet the health care requirements of the people in the city of Katihar various hospitals are established in this region. Earlier there were not as many hospitals with passing years teir numbers have increased considerably. Along with the various private hospitals located in the city, the Government hospitals also help in providing all the necessary healthcare facilities to the residents of Katihar. Even though there are not many Government Hospitals established in the city, the Government take all the necessary step and is actively involved in providing the best health care facilities in the region. At present, there are numbers of private hospitals and nursing homes in the city which are well-known for their treatments. With modernized and current medical amenities they plan at the early revival of the admitted patients. Compared to other cities they charge modest medical fees.

Katihar Sewa Sadan
Address: Near Sadar Hospital, Jamuna Floar Mill Campus, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: + (91)-6452-243904

YFA Hospital and Research center
Address: Nayatola, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: + (91)-6452-241878

Patna Hospital
Address: Lalkothi Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105 View Map
Phone: +(91)-6452-243469

Blood Banks in Katihar

Blood Banks in KatiharBlood Banks are a complete basis of blood in an emergency. Generally, it is a cache which gathers blood through blood donations and collections and then this blood is stored for later use. These blood banks are a division of hospitals and the blood is stored and experienced here to decrease odds of transfusion. Blood banks are also called to as collection centers. At the time of an emergency, one can get the assist of blood banks for an operation or in vital cases. Being one of the major cities of Bihar, Katihar in recent years have seen opening of many professional blood banks some of the blood banks in Katihar are listed below.

District Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Katihar, Bihar 854105
Phone:06452 245 454

Pioneer Pathology & Blood Bank
Address: Ganjipura Chowk, Katihar
Phone: 2311333

Bhalla Blood Bank
Address:Main road, Katihar
Phone 2408228

Bhatia Blood Bank
Address: Katihar, Bihar
Phone: 2311333

Katihar Pathology & Blood Bank
Address: Katihar Ho, Katihar - 482001
Phone: +(91)-761-2404939

Chemist Shops in Katihar

Along with all other health care services, there are numbers of medical stores also accessible in the city. Some of the chemist shops in Katihar provide 24 hours facility too. It helps a lot to the people who glance out for the medicines in emergency. The chemist shops located here are very efficient are have all the necessary medications and ailments for any kind of emergency situation.

Chemist Shops in Katihar

Apart from the medicines, there are also various medical equipments available at the medicine shops including syringes, inhalers, oxygen masks, etc. In short, these shops have all the essential medical items which are available during any time of the day.

Chaudhary Medical Store
Address: Beniatala Chowk, Katihar, M G Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone:+ (91)-6452-246024

New Medical Stores
Address: Katihar, Bihar, Abhinab Market, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone:+ (91)-9431866961

Nawaz Medical Store
Address: Opposite Bachha Hospital, Binodpur, Katihar HO, Katihar - 854105
Phone: + (91)-9473112111

Rajindra Medical Hall
Address: Beniatala Chowk, Katihar, M G Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: + (91)-6452-243886

Path Labs in Katihar

Sai Grace Diagnostic Center
Address: Geet Madhu, Plot No. 222, Kusum Vihar
Near Koyla Nagar, Katihar

Sahyog Diagnostic Centre
Address: Near CMRI Gate, Bartand, Katihar

Bayocam Lab
Address: Near Tiwari Hotel, Court More, Hirapur, Katihar

Ultra Diagnostic Centre
Address: Main Road, Saraidhela, Katihar

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