Katihar Tourism

Katihar an emerging city in the northeastern part of the State of Bihar is the headquarters of the District of Katihar. This particular city being situated in the plains of the North Eastern part of the State of Bihar and is surrounded by the district of Purnia, Sahebganj West Bhagalpur and West Bengal. This city was previously one of the divisions of the old district of Purnia. Later it was divided as a separate district in the year 1973. Katihar is famous for the Railway Junction situated here which consists of seven Railway lines or routes. Earlier, the city was once famous for its Jute Mills.

Katihar famous places

Agriculture and farming is the main occupation of the people living in Katihar. The locals of this region speak ‘Angika’ which is their main language. Being surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes the city of Katihar, forms a beautiful tourist destination. There are many tourists visiting this city from far off places all throughout the year. There are quite a few popular destinations in this city including Pir Mazar, Goga Lake, Bhairav Nath Mandir, Gauri Shankar Mandir, Gandhi Ghar Kursela and many such places. Tourists visit these popular tourist spots in the city and have the time of their lives.

Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

Katihar TourismBest time to explore Katihar is during winters. Plan your trip in the month of Jan-Feb when weather is relatively cool. People can be seen visiting various picnic spot in and around the city. In fact Katihar has lot to explore and enjoy

Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation
(A Govt.of Bihar Undertaking)

Bir Chand Patel Path, Patna.
PIN-800 001.Bihar. India.
Phone: +91-612-2225411
Fax: +91-612-2506218
Email: [email protected]
Web Site: https://bstdc.bih.nic.in

Places of Interest In and Around Katihar

Katihar being amongst the favorite tourist destinations in the northern part of the state of Bihar has quite a few tourist spots which mainly attracts the tourists. Let us have a look at some of these tourist spots in the city.

TMAA Federation Of Martial Arts India

TMAA-Federation of Martial Arts in Katihar is a place for learning the art of Karate. This place is quite popular among the tourists who visit Katihar. The TMAA-Federation of Martial Arts –India is popular among locals from Katihar city and also the nearby cities and towns from where people come to learn Karate for self-defense. Tourists visiting this place also like to know and learn about the way the techniques of Karate are taught.

Gorakhnath Mandir

Gorakhnath Mandir is another famous religious spot among the tourists who visit Katihar. This particular temple or mandir is visited by a huge number of devotees and it is also common for the worshipers and Shaivites to throng this place on the occasion of Mahashivratri which is hugely celebrated in this Mandir.

Maharshi Mehi Das Mandir

Maharshi Mehi Das Mandir is also very popular among the devotees of Katihar and those living nearby. The devotees visiting this Mandir offer their prayers to the great Maharshi Mehi saint after whom the Mandir is devoted. Being located amidst the serene surroundings, this particular temple offers maximum peace to the devotees and the visitors.

Kali Mandir

Tourist palces in Katihar

Just like the Badi Durga Mandir, the Kali Mandir in Katihar is another popular tourist spot mainly because of its historical importance. A large number of devotees visit this temple in huge numbers during the time of festivals such as Diwali and Durgashtami which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this place. This particular temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali who is believed to be another incarnation of the goddess Durga.

Badi Durga Mandir

Most of the tourist destinations in Katihar are religious places. For example the Badi Durga Mandir situated in this city which is dedicated to goddess Durga is a very popular among religious spot not just among the devotees in the city but also to the devotees in the nearby surroundings, cities and villages as well. People from far of places flock this temple. Apart from these in house devotees a huge number of tourists also visit this temple while exploring the city.

How to Reach Katihar ?

The road network is very good in Katihar city. There are two national highways passing through this city and two blocks of the district that is Kursela and Korha falls on the national highway NH 81 and NH 31. There are regular bus services available for neighboring cities like Patna, Jogbani, Ranchi, Purnea, Manihari, Siliguri, Bhagalpur and also other important cities. The nearest commercial airports to the city of Katihar is the Bagdogra airport near Silliguri which is about 160Km away from Katihar and the Loknayak Jaipraksh Airport which is about 350Km far from the city. There is also an old time airstrip nearby Katihar town known as Hawai Adda, which is mostly used as a helipad these days.

Travelling in Katihar

Apart from the road and air network Katihar has a very good network of railways. In fact railways are the most preferred network to travel to this city as there is the Katihar Railway Junction which is among the oldest railway stations in the North-East Frontier Railway. This particular railway junction has seven line junctions which go to Barauni, Jogbani, Kolkata, Saharsa, Manihari, Guwahati and Radhikapur. This being a major railway station all the passing through trains takes a halt at the Katihar Junction. There are also regular trains available to the major Indian cities including Mughalsarai, Allahabad, Kanpur, Rai Bareily, Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Siliguri, Jabalpur, Amritsar, Itarsi, Guwahati, Gandhidham, Radhikapur, etc. For More Click Here

Where to Stay in Katihar ?

There are sufficient numbers of hotels to stay in the city of Katihar for those who wish to travel and explore the city. Most of the hotels are budget hotels that are fairly priced and come along with all the necessary facilities. Even though there are not many luxury hotels found in the city, the budget hotels offer quite a comfortable stay for the tourists for a reasonable rate. For More Click Here

Hotel Satkar
Address: Rajendra Path, New Market, Katihar Ho, Downtown Area,1/2km From Bus Stand And Railway Station, Katihar - 854105
Phone: +(91)-9431229081, 8809345401, +(91)-6452-248216, 240207
Website: www.hotelsatkarkatihar.com

Rajasthan Hotel
Address: New Market Road, Katihar, Bihar, Shaheed Chowk, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: +(91)-9430634659, +(91)-6452-242338, 243154, +(91)-6452-242771

Sainik Rest House
Address: Sainik Bhavan, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: +(91)-6452-400821

Travel Agents in Katihar

It is always wise to know about the cost of travel and the mode of transport used, etc. and other travel arrangements before traveling to a city and exploring it. For this purpose, travel agents are located at various places throughout the cities. In Katihar too, there are quite a few travel agents available who offer various packages for different kinds of purposes. These travel agents offer bus rentals, car rentals, air and train ticketing, hotel reservations and other travel arrangements according to the comfort of the travelers. Below is a list of the travel agents in the city of Katihar.

Travel Agencies in Katihar

Travel Globe Bihar
Address: Drivertola, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9899300189
Website: www.flighttravelglobe.com

Anytime Travel
Address: Near Girls School, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9431096900, (91)-6452-243183

Basant Enterprises
Address: Machli Hatti, Barsoi Bazar, Katihar, Barsoi, Katihar - 855102
Phone: (91)-7301764813

Sanjeev Kumar Tour & Travels
Address: Near Kesari Chowk, Azam Nagar, Katihar - 855113
Phone: (91)-8051705669

Millat Tour & Travels
Address: New Market, Kabristan Road, Azam Nagar, Katihar - 855113
Phone: (91)-9570506798

Travel Globe Bihar
Address: Drivertola, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9899300189
Website: www.flighttravelglobe.com

Azad Transport Agency
Address: 1, Near Power House, Power House Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-6452-242271

Singh Transport
Address: District Katihar, Thana Kursela, Katihar Ho, Katihar – 854105
Phone: (91)-9801122442

Maa Annapurna Transport Agency

Address: Jamuna Flour Mills Campus, Kali Bazar Road, Vinodpur, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-6452-242172, 244781

Suraj Transport Agency
Address: Binod Pur, Power House Colony, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-6452-241609

Deepak Transport Agency
Address: N H-31, Transport Nagar, Dummurpul, Katihar, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9934874361, 9931888661

Maa Kali Packers Movers & Transportation
Address: Jamuna Flour Mills Campus, Kali Bazar Road, Vinodpur, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-9361377000

Raj Packer and Movers
Address: Near Power House, Power House Road, Katihar Ho, Katihar - 854105
Phone: (91)-612-3219083

Welcome Transport Company
Address: Main bazaar, Katihar Ho, Katihar -854105
Phone: 8809445002

Where to Shop in Katihar ?

Katihar being an emerging city, there are not many shopping malls at present in this place. Shopper’s Citi is one of the popular malls in this particular region. Other than that, there are quite a few shopping complexes or malls including Gate Way Plaza, Sanwaria Complex, World of Titan which is an exclusive showroom and many more. These complexes are quite famous among the tourists and as well as the residents in Katihar. Apart from the malls, there are several shopping zones and shopping centers which entertain the tourists when it comes to shopping in Katihar. At these shopping zones one can find all the necessary items needed by the residents of the city. Some of the tourists visiting the city purchase quite a few items from these shopping zones either to gift their dear ones or to keep as mementos. These shopping zones are also a favorite hangout for the youth in the city. People shop for everything including apparels, jewelleries, shoes, etc. at the shops here. For More Click Here

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